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My Name is Sepp

Now that you have entered this site, I guess you are interested to learn more about me ;) Ok, but only because it's you!
In 2009 I left my hometown Munich, to get to know the world better! Pretty much exactly 10 years after my departure, I'm back now - Dahoam is eben dahoam.

In the last 10 years I have travelled to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Salzburg, Cape Town, Dubai, London, the Dominican Republic, Bali, Singapore and Sri Lanka. And yes, in most of these places I actually worked as a guide or tour leader. Why? Because I have always loved to inspire holidaymakers for the chosen holiday destination and to show them the highlights, including my personal insider tips.

Munich and the beautiful foothills of the Alps are and simply remain a great destination - be it for locals, our neighbours from Austria, Switzerland or international guests.
Now it is time to introduce visitors to Munich, my birthplace and to infect them with enthusiasm for my old and new home. No matter which Munich trip you choose, you will surely have a good and fun time!

I owe this beautiful city so much - now it is time to give something back!



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Good to know

Great Destinations

Discover the top highlights of the old town, as well as the most popular destinations in the area on a guided tour with an original Bavarian guide.

All Inclusive

Von der Abholung am Hotel, über Getränke während der Tour, bishin zur deftigen bayerischen Brotzeit – abgesehen von Trinkgeld 😉 

Fair Prices

Ja, ich bin etwas teurer als Mitstreiter! Aber auch definitiv den Aufpreis wert 🙂 Nicht zu vergessen, dass alle meine angebotenen Touren reine Privattouren sind – kein weiteren unbekannten Teilnehmer!

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